Gadget review: Stridalyzer, high-tech running coach for first-time marathoners

Runners are spoiled for choice when it comes to wearable devices and the technology has come leaps and bounds from its early days with nearly every physical activity covered through wearables. Nowadays wrist-based wearables are seen as old-school, while the trend has moved to more specialised wearables – be it cricket or something that may seem mundane but is actually very important, such as your sleep.

For running, shoe wearables are a key market for fitness companies as it enables collection of sensor data, which can be used for practical purposes. One such product which has been making waves in the market are the Stridalyzer Smart Insoles. They look bright and would immediately fit the look of your neon-green or orange shoes. They slip easily into any shoe as long as you buy the right size.

For the first time in India, mobiefit’s brand new fitness store is offering the Stridalyzer in-sole at an exclusive discounted price of Rs 6,999. The market price for the smart insoles is Rs 10,999.

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First, the runner has to install the Stridalyzer insoles into the shoe. This seems tedious but it’s actually very easy as the device neatly slides in. Insoles track your steps and the companion app that works on Android and iOS devices helps analyse data and shows you the readings, while guiding you to improve your form and technique. Through this combination, the Stridalyzer tells you how you are running, where your feet are contacting the ground and how quick is the release. This can be used to nearly pinpoint whether your running form could be harmful or if it could cause injury.

The sensors in the Stridalyzer identifies how the running posture can be improved, and gives runners recommendations about reducing load and vertical stress, keys to maintaining a rhythm or a consistent foot pattern, and has alerts when you stray out of these lines.

The Stridalyzer companion app shows you impact points and other metrics from a running performance and posture point of view

The Stridalyzer companion app shows you impact points and other metrics from a running performance and posture point of view


Through the app, runners get a ‘Perfscore’ which is simply an overall tally of their performance, built on an aggregate of your pace, distance, stride rate or cadence, stride length, calories burnt, incline and effort.

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It also shows a ‘Formscore’ which is about the runner’s posture and the stress points in their form. Stridalyzer was made after consultations with athletes, sports scientists, physicians, and trainers to and hopes to make a difference when it comes to the common running injuries such as for the knee. Indeed much of their data is about protecting the knee from vertical stress through correct posture.


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