Kaushal Chauhan, mobiefit #RunForRio winner and the latest entrant in The Great India Run

Kaushal Chauhan, the latest to join The Great India Run

Kaushal Chauhan, the latest to join The Great India Run


Here's the winner of the mobiefit #RunForRio challenge. Meet young Kaushal Chauhan who will be flying to Rio to watch the 2016 Olympics live in Brazil. Kaushal is just 21 and he's already hitting the strides when it comes to marathons in India. Already having finished 9 marathon events in just four years, he's well on his way to becoming a real contender in the years to come.


It all started in 2012, when Kaushal watched the London summer Olympics. "The 2012 London Olympics inspired me to do something, some kind of physical activity. That was my dream and I wanted to choose long-distance as a career. So I joined IGNOU to fulfill my dream and chose long distance running and marathon as my sporting discipline," Kaushal told mobiefit.


Thanks to his incredible and consistent running, Kaushal gained entry to the elite group of runners who will be participating in the Great India RunSo what has he learned about marathons so far in the 4 years? "First thing is that marathons are high-level endurance activity, so always start slow and maintain a consistent pace. Winning doesn't matter in marathons or ultra runs; just focus on finishing. The second thing is always join a group to practice and make small targets to finish. In a group run you can cover extra miles without being tired. Third and most important thing always listen to what your body says. If you are tired then go to rest and recovery. And if you feel good then do that long run."


"If you are a beginner then there's no need to run too much distance in the start. Just start slowly like doing a 5K or 10K training and get enough rest and stretch for next time," Kaushal used mobiefit RUN and started running with the brand new FreeRun feature. and came out on top of the leaderboard of all the runners in our #RunforRio challenge. The contest was held till April 30, 2016, and winners were chosen after an internal verification process conducted by mobiefit.

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